Amazing Bible Facts

Were you aware that there are amazing Bible facts in the Scriptures?

You should! There are so many amazing facts in the Holy Bible, that we can only mention some of them here.

The shocking Bible facts you’ll read about here will simply amaze you and most readers.


Simply because the average person believes facts that are entirely different, and sometimes the exact opposite of what’s really in the Scriptures.

Prepare to find the bible facts you will read about here really amazing!

Many people who have never read the Holy Bible for themselves may not believe what they will find on this page!

Others who have read the Book may have missed some of these amazing Bible facts altogether, or may not have realized how amazing they really are.

You have to understand that people have heard what others say about the Scriptures, but usually have never read for themselves what the Bible actually says.

These Bible facts are so amazing that we invite you to read for yourself whether the Holy Scriptures really says what we claim they say. 

Please open your own Bible to read any reference given here. If you don’t have your own copy, there are several free online versions (and some that you that you can even download).

  • The real beginning of the Bible – in correct chronology – is John 1:1 where it says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God ....... “
  •  A simple reading of Gen. 1:2 might lead one to believe that God created the earth waste and empty, but Is. 45:18 says God did not create the earth a wilderness or a desolation.
  • No one has gone to heaven, except Jesus Christ. (John 3:13, Acts 2:34)
  • The human soul is mortal (Ezek. 18:4, 20).
  • Before He created humans, God created angels, cherubs and archangels – Job 38: 7, (see Rev. 1:20 where a star symbolises an angel)
  • Lucifer was one of the three archangels that God created. The name means “Morning Star”, and it was after his rebellion against God – see Is. 14:12 and Ezek. 28:14 – that he became the Adversary or Satan.
  • We don’t know the exact number of the angels but a good indication is given in Rev. 5:11 where it says “And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands;
  • Moses did not give Israel the Ten Commandments. It was God who did (Ex. 20:1, Deut. 5:4)
  • The expression “end of the world” found in the Bible (e.g. Matt.24:3) refers to the ‘end of an age’, not the destruction of our planet, contrary to popular belief. On the contrary, it will be the prelude to Christ’s second coming – please read the whole of Matt. 24.
  • Shepherds were in the field on the day Christ was born – Luke 2:8,11. That makes it impossible for Christ’s birth to have been in December when it was already winter in Palestine!
  • The Bible does not say that there were three wise men. It only says that “wise men from the East” brought three gifts (Matt.2:1,11).
  • The wise men visited Christ in a house, not a manger (Matt. 1:20). It was the shepherds who visited Christ in a manger (Luke 2:7)
  • Christ said that He would be buried for three days and three nights after He died; then He would be resurrected (Matt.12:40).

How does anyone count three days and three nights from an alleged crucifixion on Friday afternoon to an alleged resurrection on Sunday morning at dawn?

  • No one knows for sure how many years Noah took to build the Ark.  The general belief that it took 120 years (based on Gen. 6:3 ) is not correct, as this verse refers to the fact that God had reduced the lifespan of humans to 120 years.
  • The apostle Peter, as well as the other apostles, was married.  (Matt. 8:14, I Cor.9:5).
  • Jesus Christ will make war at His return – Rev. 19:11-13

Please make sure you check for yourself all the biblical references above.

By so doing, you’ll prove for yourself that the facts in the Holy Bible are amazing and… true!

There are several more amazing facts in the Bible that we have not mentioned, but we hope the ones given above will help you read Scripture whilst giving more attention to detail.

Why don’t you try to find some truly amazing Bible facts that you can share with your friends?

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